JUJU is a high-performance, cloud-hosted, enterprise CMS platform.

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Scalable CMS

Finally, a CMS built for the Enterprise. Your Fortune 500 marking site will feel right at home as will your suite of mobile applications interfacing with our API-driven database and user management system.

Cloud Database

Our cloud database allows you connect client-side dynamic content and mobile applications to a single, scalable, cloud backend. We call it DAAS (Database-As-A-Service). It scales from 1 request a second to 50,000 req/s without breaking a sweat.

Flexible PAAS

Need more than a cloud database or CMS? Our NodeJS platform allows you to deploy dynamic backend servers running NodeJS. Your Node server can be up and running an a matter of seconds. Use frameworks like AngularJS to make your applications sing.

Digital Asset Management

All digital assets (such as images, videos, and documents) stored in Juju can take advantage of our world-wide CDN for fast downloads anywhere on the planet.

Detailed Analytics

Juju allows integration of both external analytics (such as Google Analytics) and also provides internal analytics that allows for tracking of API-based clients (such as mobile applications).

Search Engine Optimization

Sites built with Juju are optimized for SEO. From pre-rendering dynamic content into HTML to automatic generation of XML sitemaps, Juju ensures your pages get the best search engine index position possible.

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